Before and After

Our community is seeing results. You can, too!


“There is something magical when the need for change aligns with drive for it. What can be any better than reaching your goals? The community that encourages you every step of your journey. The coaches and the community of Principia have been such inspiration to keep me on path and giving me the keys for success. This gym is a blessing in my life.”


“In high school, this was not an ideal place to be. My knees hurt frequently, especially from running. After about a year of CrossFit and changing my eating habits, the weight dropped off and I was stronger than I had been in a long time. The coaches gave me guidance at every stage of my experience. Principia is a place that promotes health, a place to be with friends, and a place to be competitive again.”


“I want to thank Principia for my self improvement. On my part, all it took was showing up… literally. If I could just tell myself to make no excuses, I deserve to make time for myself, and JUST SHOW UP, that was my win everyday. All of the unexpected amazingness happened after that. Mitch is the most engaged, caring, supportive genius of a coach. The community made a big different in my life, to have people care if you show up or not and constantly encourage you to push to better yourself.”


“I committed to Principia CrossFit 81 days ago. My wife and I cleaned up our eating habits, I started drinking more water, and most importantly I was all in on whatever Coach Mitch wanted to program. Of course, I missed days but my ultimate goal has been to “beat the week” there are 7 days in the week so if I can go 4 or more times during any given week, I win. I’ve now developed a healthy habit that more often than not gets me to the classes 5 times a week! I love all the members and coaches who all take a personal interest in helping you achieve your personal goals. This is the best lifestyle/fitness decision I’ve ever made and I’m super excited I did.”


“My problem(s) included recurring back pain. I would routinely have my back seize up every 3 or 4 months. Mitch worked with me to identify stretches and lifts that would strengthen my back. For at least a year now I have had almost zero back pain.
My other problem has been high anxiety and stress. Coming to the gym, pushing through the hard workouts and with the support of the Principia family, I rarely have a day that I can’t push through because of what I have learned at Principia.
45 is the new 30 for me thanks a to Principia!”


Prior to joining Principa, I had suffered from extreme pain and limited mobility due to Tennis Elbow.  I had been working with an orthopedic sports medicine doctor and tried steroid shots, physical therapy, and was considering an outpatient surgery to ease the pain and allow full use and movement of my arm.  Some days I couldn’t even pick up a cup, let alone a barbell.  After explaining my injury to Mitch, he worked with me on a series of stretches using compression to decrease the pain and improve the mobility and function of my elbow.  After doing to stretches consistently for about 4 weeks, the pain was gone, and I had a fully functioning elbow/arm.  I cannot thank Mitch enough for taking the time to work with me and getting me back to doing all things love.”


“The photo on the left is from my first competition I did while at Principia and the right is two plus years into training there. I could go on forever about what I LOVE about my Boise family! This gym completely changed my confidence in myself and how I train. The owners and coaches care about every person that sets foot in their gym and that person’s personal fitness and health journey. I am so grateful to see this gym from its first day of opening to now.”