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Forging Your Own Way

As I sit here, programming countless hours of exercise for the athletes that I care for, I often find myself struggling with making decisions about what workouts are truly best for the classes. The difficulty lies within me recalling specific athlete’s weaknesses and how I can’t program the whole class to perform the same thing …
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Learning to Fight

Welcome to fight club. It is your first day and today we are fighting hand-to-hand combat against an experience fighter who has a knife. You get no weapons at all. 3…2…1… GO. In this scenario, do you feel well enough prepared to fight the person who has a knife on the first day of fight …
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The Importance of Oxygen

The Importance of Oxygen It’s Monday and you are ready to kill your week of workouts. Feeling refreshed and centered after the weekend, you see that coach has programmed “Fran” (21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull-ups). You have done this workout before and just seeing the name sends you into fight or flight: you are now …
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Exploring the Alactic, Lactic, and Aerobic Systems

Exploring the Alactic, Lactic, and Aerobic Systems As a living, breathing, blog reading individual you’ve probably learned the basics around how food provides the body with energy. There are actually several different ways that this can occur and they depend on the activity being performed. Depending on our sport or activity, nutrition, genetics, and level …
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3 Key Steps To Starting An Effective Daily Routine

Learn how to optimize your life by starting effective daily routines.

How Focusing On Your Breathing Can Improve Your Fitness

Breathing is a unique process in the human body. It can occur voluntarily or involuntarily, be a conscious or unconscious decision, and is constantly responding to feedback from sensors in your body. Oftentimes, our breathe is being stifled by our emotional state, body position, or posture.  With a little effort, focusing on breathing can improve …
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