Our General Physical Preparedness program is at the heart of what we do at Principia CrossFit. Our program focuses on combining strength, cardiovascular endurance, and mobility to help you function at your peak performance every day. Whether you want to compete as an elite athlete, finish your first marathon, keep up with your children, or simply lose some extra weight, our classes will prepare you whatever life throws at you. All of the movements in our classes can be scaled to any ability level, meaning anyone can do CrossFit! Just show up, and we will take care of the rest. The constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity will transform you into the athlete your body wants you to be. With each movement, our coaches work to educate our athletes about the why behind what we do, before we do it, giving you the tools to make educated decisions about your health.

Laws of Motion

Our Laws of Motion class is our foundations class focusing on teaching beginner athletes the nine foundational movements of CrossFit in a laid back, small-group environment.  It is the perfect opportunity for new members to gain confidence in the basic movements and make some friends before joining the regular classes.  While this class is designed for beginner athletes, experienced CrossFit athletes can still benefit from the course’s heavy emphasis on form and proper movement patterns.  In addition to laying a strong foundation in proper movement patterns, the Laws of Motion class also acts as an introduction to training the energy system thresholds.  The Laws of Motion class has five one-hour classes in a two week period.

Skillz&Drillz/Open Gym

Join us every Saturday for Skillz&Drillz. During the open gyms time, coaches will be on hand to give our athletes one-on-one attention to help reach their personal goals. Want to master the ring muscle-up? Learn how to handstand walk with ease? Nail the double-unders? Or just get your first pull-up? This is the class for you. Come with skill goals, and we will give you the drills to master them!

Individualized Sport Training

CrossFit, by design, makes athletes better all-around. That being said, it is still beneficial to bias your training toward what you compete in. Whether you golf, play basketball, or hunt, your training can be modified to better suit your sport. Our programming pillars of endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy will be sure to improve your performance in all areas of your sport.  And in addition to the regular classes, our coaches can integrate more sport specific movements or demands into the general programming to ensure that every season you get better, faster, stronger, more agile, and focused. I guarantee improvements. We move from core to extremity, and every day we are trying to make that move even more efficient, explosive, and reactive.