Life is unpredictable; CrossFit prepares you for the real world.


After you have completed your customized on ramp, you will be ready to move into the group CrossFit classes.  This is where you will become part of a supportive community of individuals all going through their own journey of self improvement, just like you.  When you come in to workout, you will be greeted by friends who will encourage you and push you to accomplish more than you thought possible. Plus, your coach will still be there to ensure you are moving safely and to cheer you on along the way.  Just show up, and we will make sure it is the best hour of your day.


What to Expect

Once you complete your customized on-ramp, you will have the foundation necessary to feel confident performing the constantly varied movements that make CrossFit so effective.  At this point, you’ll already be beginning to see and feel changes in your body’s abilities. You’d better get used to that new found confidence, because it is just going to keep going up from here!  In addition to strengthening your body, you’ll also be honing your mindset. Each time you conquer a challenge in the gym, you’ll be all the more equipped to conquer the challenges that life will throw your way.


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