Fat Loss

With a fat loss goal, most people think upping the cardio will do the trick.  But losing fat through cardio alone has been scientifically proven to be the LEAST effective fat loss technique. Instead, our programming takes the approach of energy system upregulation. Why does fat stick around in the first place? Generally speaking, fat stays because the energy demand from your body is not high enough. This is often referred to as metabolism. Our programming targets the three energy systems weekly and pushes them to new thresholds. This threshold approach is the fastest way to increase your body’s demand for energy, ie increase your metabolism.  We will teach you how to implement a program that is focused on reaching energy system thresholds while educating you about the role nutrition has on overall fitness and health.  After all, you cannot out-train a bad diet.  If your diet is your main struggle with fat loss, consider our Paleo meal plan option with Missing Links Food.

Muscle Gain

Many believe that CrossFit will make them small. Many others believe it will make them big. In all reality, the program is designed for a fitter you. That means your body is going to go where the fitness takes it. That being said, some of us want to take a little more control and ultimately, muscle gain comes down to this: if you eat enough, you will gain muscle. Typically, when someone is trying to gain muscle, they bulk up on both muscle and fat.  At PrincipiaCF, we defy traditional bulking wherein you basically get fatter and bigger. We gain muscle much more than fat. That is because we upregulate your energy systems. The constantly varied, high-intensity movements of CrossFit will continually challenge your body to adapt.  As an added bonus, with an increase in muscle mass will come an increase in your metabolic rate, meaning you will burn more fat throughout your day.  You will burn fat and gain muscle. So whether you are looking to gain muscle strength, muscle power, muscle endurance or muscle size, our programing will help you make progress on all fronts.

Sport Specific Training

CrossFit, by design, makes athletes better all-around. That being said, it is still beneficial to bias your training toward what you compete in. Whether you golf, play basketball, or hunt, your training can be modified to better suit your sport. Our programing pillars of endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy will be sure to improve your performance in all areas of your sport.  And in addition to the regular classes, our coaches can integrate more sport specific movements or demands into the general programming to ensure that every season you get better faster, stronger, more agile, and focused. I guarantee improvements. We move from core to extremity, and every day we are trying to make that move even more efficient, explosive, and reactive.

Health and Longevity

Our programming is designed to make the fittest you possible. Through the energy system upregulation approach, you will find that you can not only do all your daily activities better, but you will also feel more energized. Eating healthy is a must of course, but the gym time can be extremely beneficial because your body’s ability to create energy in any situation will be swift and seamless. CrossFit done right can lead to a very long, very good, quality of life.  Our programing can be scaled to any level of fitness, so whether you are 14 or 95 or anywhere in between, we can meet you where you are at and help you to improve your fitness one WOD at a time.  Our motto, “An Object In Motion…” lays out our goal: we work to help people to increase their functional movement so that they can continue to move throughout their lifetime.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  But it can be tough to find the time to cook whole, unprocessed meals while juggling gym, work, family, and friend time.  To combat this struggle, our gym has teamed up with Missing Link Foods to simplify your health.  Each week, Missing Link Foods will deliver 8 Paleo meals to our gym, where you will be able to pick up your pre-made meals after crushing a WOD. All meals are made from scratch in a Health Department Certified commercial kitchen following the guidelines of the Paleo/Primal Diet. This means that there are no grains, legumes, soy or preservatives. Minimal dairy is occasionally used and all ingredients are emailed to customers along with cooking instructions.

Here is a message from Brett, the founder of Missing Link Foods:

Hello!  My name is Brett Edgar and I am the owner of Missing Link Foods. As someone with 20 years of experience in catering and the fine dining restaurant industry I have always loved to cook. I have been an athlete all of my life and recognize the value of a healthy diet, which means a lot of time spent in the kitchen cutting, chopping, and cooking fresh food. However, as a husband and father I know how difficult it is to balance working, cooking healthy meals, spending quality time with my wife and kids, working out, and socializing. Due to some health issues, my wife and I researched the Paleo Diet and were drawn not only to its healthfulness, but also to its combinations of bold flavors and interesting ingredients. We felt better and were enjoying new foods, but after our second child was born we struggled to find time to make fresh meals, let alone Paleo meals. My wife started making meals in bulk and freezing them, which enabled us to eat well, even when we didn’t have the time. It was then that I realized we were probably not the only ones trying to keep up with a busy schedule and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I decided to combine my work experience with my passion for cooking and a healthy lifestyle, and start Missing Link Foods. It is my goal to provide affordable, pre-made meals that are both healthy and delicious to the Treasure Valley.

Why wait? Let us help you reach your goals!