You can't out-train a bad diet.


Do you struggle to make healthy food choices? Do you try to eat healthy, but lack the knowledge to reach your fitness or physique goals? Are you on the “See Food” Diet (you see food, and you eat it)? Have you considered hiring someone to follow you around and slap bad food choices out of your hand?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will benefit from individualized nutritional counseling.

Generally, nutritional goals fail for one of two reasons: either the person lacks the knowledge or they lack the accountability.

Our nutritional counseling will arm you with both the education of how to eat for your individual goals while providing the accountability to keep you on the straight and narrow, even when your motivation wavers.


What To Expect

After your initial consultation with your coach, you will learn how to manage your macronutrients for your goals.  During your weekly check-ins, you will discuss your eating habits and make small, manageable changes week by week. Your coach will give you the support and accountability necessary to make long-lasting changes.


None!  Our nutrition education is open to members and non-members alike!

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