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One-On-One Training

Sometimes, jumping right into group fitness classes won’t be your best path to success.  If its been a while since you’ve been active, or you are recovering from an injury and looking to get out of pain for good, you’ll need a more individualized, targeted approach.  When you enroll in our one-on-one training, you’ll be set up on a fitness track designed for your specific needs.  


What to Expect

After an initial fitness assessment, your coach will design an individualized program especially suited to meet your needs. Whether your goal is to keep up with your kids, come back from an injury, or simply look good naked, your coach will be there to provide expert instruction, guide you through proper form and alignment, and of course, offer you the motivation and support you need.


Nothing.  This is your starting point whether it’s the first time you have ever stepped foot in a gym or you are an experienced athlete looking to reach new goals or get out of pain.

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