You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Individualized On Ramp

You are unique; your training program should reflect that.  Before you join the group CrossFit classes, you’ll spend some time working one-on-one with an experienced coach.  We believe that this is an important step to achieving your goals safely. We pride ourselves in making sure you spend the right amount of time to confidently move on to the group CrossFit classes.  You won’t just be thrown into a class and be left to figure it out on your own.

What to Expect

First, you will complete a fitness assessment designed to detect your body’s unique trouble areas.  Your coach, armed with this information, will create a targeted training program to fix your imbalances and prepare you for the rigor of the group CrossFit classes.  The length of your on-ramp program will depend on the results of the fitness assessment, as well as your age, your previous experience, and your previous injuries or pain points.  Once you are competent in the movements we use daily in CrossFit, you may graduate to our regular CrossFit classes or you may want to continue your more intimate training process by enrolling in our one-on-one program.


None!  This is the first step in your journey to a stronger, sexier you!  Whether it is your first time stepping in a gym, or you’re an experienced athlete, you’ll start here.

Schedule Your Fitness Assessment

I’m ready to take the first step towards my best self!