I started a CrossFit gym because I have gotten so much value from it! When I started at my first CrossFit gym, the price was steep, but I learned so much from CrossFit that it became more important to afford it than to afford gas!

I enjoy working out. I enjoy the pain and if I didn’t have the outlet of fitness I would undoubtedly be paying for antidepressants and blood pressure meds for just as much money and wouldn’t have the opportunities to do physical activities with my two growing boys.

I especially enjoy coaching CrossFit. Now I have the opportunity to help others discover themselves as I did myself! It is really amazing seeing all ages have the “AHA” moment. Between public schools and the medical industry, not many people are exposed to proper movement mechanics and dietary habits that promote longevity in quality of life. Nor are people exposed to mental and emotional barriers that bring about real change. That is why I started a gym; those priceless moments when someone has realized that they are mentally, emotionally, and physically capable of so much more.

I have an amazing opportunity to wake up every morning at 4AM to go and help people EVERY DAY. When I get home around 8PM I am excited to do it again the next day. Why? Because the next day is another opportunity to affect change in someone’s life that will help them forever.